Fantastic Lighting Fixtures and Ideas for Small Kitchen

small kitchen lighting ideas featured

Kitchen can be the busiest place in a house. This area is used for preparing daily meals and even dining. Nowadays, people will choose smaller size kitchen than the bigger one. Small kitchen proves to be more efficient. However, if homeowner is not careful there are several issues that such kitchen size may possess. One of them is mobility restraint. Lighting is a solution to deal this issue. With great small kitchen lighting ideas, it can illuminate strategic spots inside the place to increase productivity. You will learn a thing or two in these designs. They will help you designing.

Under Cabinet Lights

To light up the working space of a kitchen, under cabinet lighting fixtures are installed. In this case, four pug lights are installed at the underside of overhanging cabinet. When they are lit up, the lights provide warm white illumination to the kitchen countertop right below them. Kitchen countertop is made of marble in off white color. It reflects the light that comes from above nicely. Because of these light fixtures, a small kitchen counter seems more spacious. Well, bright prepping space enables quicker cooking activity. The pug lights can be controlled by the switch located at kitchen wall.

Simple Recessed Lighting Ideas

Among various small kitchen lighting ideas, it seems like recessed lighting system will work great in such tight space. In this example, the kitchen has open floor plan. Refrigerator, microwave and oven are located at one side of the space. One recessed light is installed on top of that area, so people can utilize those appliances easily. The fixture has warm white illumination that matches the contemporary feel of the modern open kitchen.

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In the middle of this room, there is a kitchen island that works as food prepping and dining space. One recessed light fixture is placed on top of the island. Moreover, the countertop is made of dark colored marble. The illumination that comes from recessed light on ceiling is able to brighten up the room. These two recessed light fixtures are located five feet apart from each other.

Flush Mount Fixtures for the Kitchen

Flush mount lighting fixtures are also quite popular to be used inside a kitchen. In this small kitchen space, two lighting fixtures are installed. Those lights are particularly centered around the kitchen island. The countertop is made of marble material with dark color and messy swirly pattern. Since the countertop has reflexive quality, and light fixtures are placed above it, the center of space becomes a lot brighter. The fixtures have modern feel as well.

The flush mount fixtures are in drum shape. They shine bright white color that illuminates the entire small space. As you can see, the kitchen is adorned with neutral tones. The items are mostly white and grey. The kitchen island which is the vocal point of this room is in vivid blue color. Meanwhile, the modern flush mount light fixtures certainly fit perfectly in kitchen. It is indeed one of the best small kitchen lighting ideas.