Neat Modern Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

modern corner fireplace ideas featured

Minimalism is taking the world by storm, especially the interior design. The corner fireplace is one of these products, and it is a unique take on traditional fireplace. Moreover, the design is especially good for adding aesthetic without taking up too much wall space. While it compliments your interior design, it will also emphasize your taste in luxury. Many modern corner fireplace ideas are available, from simple geometric to modern-classic designs. Since it comes in many variations, you might be confused on what to choose. Here, these ideas will help you to decide on what corner fireplace design you should build for your room.

Modern Corner Brick Fireplace Design

Brick is a traditional material for fireplaces, but it doesn’t mean it is old looking. Bricks can actually be very good minimalist decor. Its simplicity and flexibility in designs can sprout into many ideas and application in home interiors. It emphasizes a solid looking design and emits an atmosphere of comfort; pretty much like a traditional fireplace. However, it can be styled to any room’s liking, whether it is small or large. Moreover, it can also be colored to your liking. The finish would result in a beautiful brick pattern that will compliment any room corners.

Modern Fireplace in Stone

Stone is a rugged, natural looking material suitable for many modern corner fireplace ideas. It is very popular in minimalist houses because of its plain colors combined with a rugged look complimented the interior design very well. The stone materials also come in many different types according to the origin and manufacturing, such as limestone, natural stones, reclaimed stones, marble, and stone bricks. If you are into more modern-classic designs, choosing stone as material will be perfect.

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Bringing a rustic and rugged design to a minimalist home is strange, but if it’s done right, it can actually merge with the interior very well. It all depends on color matching between the room’s colors and stone’s looks. Cuts and shapes also affect how the stone corner fireplaces are designed. In addition, small uniform cuts lean more on the simple natural side, while bigger and more random cuts make the fireplace look rugged and rustic.

Minimalist Double-Sided Corner Fireplace

Double-sided fireplaces are more of a decorative than functional addition to your room. However, it has a style that emphasizes the unique luxury taste. Many designs popped out for this kind of fireplace, but most minimalist houses have a very simple box-shaped wood or stone fireplace. This is then be encased by glass, so it doesn’t really give warmth to the room. Well, it gives a unique way to light up a room.

Usually, the corner ones are put in between two common rooms, such as TV area and living room. Since both of these rooms are often a site of gathering, having a decorative piece would be appropriate. Matching the design to both rooms should be considered as it can improve or worsen room fluidity. Modern corner fireplace ideas require much planning before applying, but it will be a unique addition to your interior.