Enticing Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets featured

Oak wood is a common material to be used in kitchen furniture. It is hardy and has beautiful natural grain pattern. In addition, oak wood is fairly cheaper than many other hardwoods in the market. Unlike hardwood that’s rich in natural oil, oak can reap the benefit of having paint finish. There are many ideas of doing kitchen paint color with oak cabinets. You are allowed more freedom to design your kitchen cabinets instead of getting stuck with natural brown color of oak wood. Let’s see the paint ideas that will make the kitchen more enticing.

Luxurious Soft Grey Gradations for Oak Kitchen Cabinet

Grey oak cabinet can look luxurious. In this idea, there are several shades of grey introduced into the kitchen. The overhead cabinet is in darker grey shade if compared to the worktop cabinet. The countertop is made of marble material with grayish tone. There is an island located in the middle of kitchen with grey shade similar to worktop cabinet. Other grey elements are present in the form of kitchen appliances, such as dishwasher, fridge, and oven. The luxury tone comes in the form of gold accents that scatter across the kitchen. They are in cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures.

Contemporary White Kitchen with Oak Cabinet

Doing white kitchen paint color with oak cabinets is often said to be the best home design decision. White makes the room seem larger than it actually is. This color also reflects light well, so the kitchen looks brighter without having to add tons of light fixtures. In addition, the cabinets are given white finish as well. The worktop is paired with marbled stone in grey to add diversity to the kitchen.

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The cabinet forms an L-shape with an island smacked down in the middle. At one side of kitchen, the cabinet provides work surface. Meanwhile at other part, the white cabinet accommodates kitchen appliances like fridge and microwave. The appliances are in grey metal color, so they contrast nicely with the white backdrop. Pendant lights that illuminate the kitchen are black to become a nice focal point against the otherwise white environment.

Refreshing Kitchen Design with Shades of Blue

If you want to have enticing space, just consider painting the cabinets in blue shades. In this case, the blue shade chosen is sunny aqua. The cabinet is situated against white tile wall. Overhead and worktop cabinets are painted in this shade. Moreover, the worktop cabinet is paired with white marble stone as its countertop. There are three overhead cabinets: an open cabinet and two closed ones. They are all in aqua shade.

The cabinets are adorned with copper hardware. Four light bulbs are illuminating the cabinet since they are placed in the middle. Therefore, the pale colored cabinet looks bright and shiny. Cabinetry becomes the focal point of this kitchen. Despite being pale, its shiny aqua color certainly looks glaring if compared to the other neutral colors. The color also looks very playful. Well, applying sunny aqua kitchen paint color with oak cabinets will be a great idea!