Charming Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas featured

Farmhouse design in bedroom is never left out. This style wonderfully combines traditional and modern aspects of a bedroom. It becomes an inviting space to rest your tired body after a long day outside. Designing farmhouse style room can be a hit or miss event. Some designs can be too much. Instead of making the room look trendy, it will look messy instead. You will learn one thing or two from the following farmhouse bedroom ideas. They are easy to apply and do not inquire big budget allocation. The ideas also incorporate other design vibes to enrich any bedroom type.

Simple Modern Predominantly White Farmhouse Bedroom

This farmhouse style bedroom is predominantly white. There are three main furniture pieces in this bedroom. A queen size bed occupies a large space in the room. The frame is kept in natural brown finish. Bed sheet, pillowcases, and bedcover are in off white color with one grey pillow for accent. There is an armchair in black color placed at the corner of this bedroom. Underneath the chair, there is a patterned rug. Beside the table, you can see a night stand which is made of stool. This makeshift stand is also in natural color. Large window allows sunlight in.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Canopy and Wood Ceiling

Canopy and wood ceiling is also great farmhouse bedroom ideas that you can attempt to do. This farmhouse canopy bed sample certainly emphasizes on traditional look. The bed frame is in square shape. It is made of hardwood with dark natural finish. The fabric is colored white and made of sheer material. It creates flow in the room since the canopy fabric will be moved by slight wind that enters bedroom. It is classic.

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Moreover, wood ceiling design is going to emphasize the traditional farmhouse style room. In this case, the design of ceiling used is exposed beam. Since the roof is in triangle shape, the beams follow that shape as well. The finishing used for wood is natural brown one. This color goes well against the white ceiling. A large window is placed in the middle of bedroom to complete the room. It provides the room with necessary light.

Industrial Contemporary Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Farmhouse style bedroom can have contemporary and industrial feelings. This particular example showcases that combination. There is a queen size bed located in the middle part of bedroom. It has clean cut shape with brown accents in the linings. Beside the bed, a nightstand with pullout drawer is placed. A modern lamp is installed on top of the nightstand. For behind the bed, there is an accent wall. It has barn wood textured finish.

At the foot of bed, there are two woven basket chairs. A rattan ottoman is placed between those chairs. You can see a nice couch at the work desk. A computer and modern lamp are put on top the desk. They give modern touch to the room. Lastly, this room also introduces one of the best farmhouse bedroom ideas: barn sliding door. The door is painted in grey. This room has contemporary yet cozy feel.

Use DIY Headboard

One quick trick to make your farmhouse bedroom stand out from the rest of the crowds is by using custom DIY headboard. It requires more effort to set up and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll likely end up with more mess than a charming bed. Still, it’s worth trying I suppose. DIY Farmhouse headboard can instantly radiate that casual country chic vibe to the entire room.

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You can make your own personalized headboard in a few ways. The easiest one is probably using one side of a repurposed wooden crate. The crate must be large enough for it to be used as a headboard at all. The thick planks will give your room a touch of firmness and their textures can make everything feel warmer. Another idea of DIY farmhouse headboard is by using a pair of sliding barn doors. Your room must be large to host such huge decorations, but once fit in, you will never regret it.

Let Love Fill the Air

You might not like the idea of using a DIY custom farmhouse headboard. Instead, you want something simpler. Well, how about showcasing your husband’s and your initial in thick and large wooden wall letters? You can get a simple rustic platform bed with minimalist headboard design and hang the initial typography above the headboard.

Make sure each initial is placed correctly above the side of the respective person. Put a giant wooden heart in between the initial and you got a cute and romantic farmhouse bedroom. Now every time you step in to the bedroom with your couple, you’ll be reminded that you two lovebirds are inseparable. Try out this quick and inexpensive farmhouse bedroom decor piece and let love fill the air.