DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas That Are Simply Amazing

DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas feature

When you want to decorate your house, just try to use DIY rustic home decor ideas. This rustic decoration can be great when you love something in traditional and custom look. In addition, you may not find some modern concepts or bright colors. On the other hand, it shows warmth and gives the house a great vibe, so you will always be comfortable staying inside. When you need references, check the ideas below to give you insights.

DIY Wooden Wall Decorations

For your information, decoration can be started by paying attention to the wall decoration. In this case, find the example of custom wall decoration first. The wall decor is usually made of used woods. The woods are cut to be some letters then attached and glued on the wall. It looks simple, but the texture of wood and its color really makes the wall look unique. There are also wooden boards with some quotes. It is like a blackboard, and the quotes can be changed as they are written with chalks.

Rustic Cottage Shelves for Living Room

The next DIY rustic home decor ideas still work on the wall, but it is not for the decoration only. Yes, it also has important function. You can put some great rustic cottage shelves. The shelves look simple since they are made from bars of wood. However, the simplicity of design makes the room look rustic and unique. The wooden shelves are painted in the wood tones to highlight natural vibe.

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Some other shelves are made unique as well, and they are hung on the wire. There are big and strong suspenders with wires. Well, the wires become place to install the shelves. These ideas also work well to give different touch on room decoration. Of course, these are also easy to do as they are all handmade or custom shelves.

DIY Rustic Wire Basket for Storage

The next item is not on the wall decoration. It is storage made of wire baskets. The concept is attractive as the texture of wire baskets gives access for you to see the contents. As what you can imagine, the baskets have various sizes and there are items stored there. All of them are visible, so you will be able to find what you look for easily. In addition, the stuffs may look simple, but they are actually functional. Even, some of them are nailed on the wall to be great additional storage.

The great thing is that some of these wire baskets are custom stuffs made of the wire fences. There are also other tools that are used to make the baskets. However, they look great since the baskets are repainted. They are polished and get new paint to make the design look better. Of course, you can apply these DIY rustic home decor ideas in case you want to make new decoration. There will be no problem at all; the ideas are simple and easy to follow.