Easy DIY Patio Decoration Ideas Anyone Can Do

DIY Patio Decoration Ideas featured

In many houses, patio becomes a place to entertain people. Various social activities can be done there, including cocktail party, dinners, and even camping. Therefore, a patio is usually armed with several essentials. There will be seating area, outdoor cooking equipment, and even bar. In order to look more attractive, decoration is something that cannot be left out. You can make it more unique by trying out some DIY patio decoration ideas. They will allow you to have decorating items that can hardly be found in others.

DIY Hanging Flower and Planter Box

The first way to freshen up and beautify the patio is by creating hanging planter. To make it, you need wooden scraps, terracotta pots, and ropes. It is done by creating hole on the wooden scrap in the size of pot used in this craft. After that, insert the pot into the hole. It should be able to hold up, not falling. Once that has been setup, you can finally install the ropes at four corners of the wood. The next step is doing finishing job, whether to paint or furnish the planter. Then, hang the craft.

DIY Gazebo Lighting and Bench

Designing lighting system is a great way to beautify the gazebo space. There are many DIY patio decoration ideas for lighting. This particular example utilizes tin cans. The used cans from canned food are the main materials. The light bulbs are installed inside the cans. They are hung by ropes that disguise the electric cords. In this sample, the outer part of cans remain in their old design which has the canned food logo for uniqueness.

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Unique bench can also provide good decoration for garden. This particular example incorporates concrete blocks and wooden slabs. The concrete blocks are arranged into two different stacks on top of flat patio surface. A large piece of wooden slab is then placed on top of those stacks. To make it a comfortable bench, a fluffy mattress is placed on the wooden slab. Some colorful cushions are added to this makeshift bench to introduce brightness.

Brick and Wood Fire Pit

Let’s take a look at the fire pit design. In this concept, the fire pit is in ground. You should dig a hole in the garden. That hole is then filled with lava rocks. After that, bricks are arranged to circle hole’s perimeter. The area around the hole is freed from weeds and other plants. Flat rocks are planted to circle the outer side of this hole. This fire pit looks natural and enhances the aesthetics.

The wood aspect of this fire pit comes from the bench. It is made of recycled wooden material. The bench is in U form that surrounds the fire pit. One side is left open to enable access to the bench and can be replaced with other seats. Some DIY patio decoration ideas will turn this spot into a cozy space. Homemade colorful cushions from used fabrics can be added to the bench to add comfort.

DIY Colorful Birdhouses

Your outdoor space can always welcome new voices, so why not make them bird voices? You can invite them to come and live next to you by creating a few birdhouses. This can be a very exciting project if you have kids, especially in summer when they have a lot of free time. Make your birdhouses look striking by splashing various colors on them. If done right, you’ll get two merits with just a single effort. One: your patio will be more cheerful as birds’ chirp echoes through it every morning. Two: Your patio will look more dashing with eye-catching birdhouses erected from it.

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So, how do you make a birdhouse? Well, it shouldn’t be a challenging task because you can find many birdhouse kits with different designs sold for very low price; $10 more or less. You’ll also need some extra materials for the optional elements, like predator guards and perches. But then, you can use any recycled junk for that. All in all, birdhouses are an awesome DIY patio decor ideas.

Outdoor Pillows for Your Patio Benches

Now that you have a couple of benches in your patio, you should make the pillows to make it even cozier for you and your family to hang out. You can buy these pillows with your hard-earned dollars, but where’s the fun in that? Outdoor pillows are a perfect DIY project for teen girls. They are not too tedious to make, but the result is very beautiful.

So, what do you need to make your own outdoor pillows? First things first, you must know that there’s one main difference between pillows for outdoor use and indoor, which is that they have to be waterproof. How to achieve that? There are some ways that I know of. First, you can use your old plastic bag as the stuffing for the pillow, instead of duck feathers or polyester. Another method is by covering the pillows insert with plastic garbage bags before you envelope it with the pillow case.