DIY Decorating Ideas on Budget to Brighten Your Apartment

DIY apartment decorating ideas on budget featured

As we know, an apartment may not be as large as the house. However, it does not mean you cannot make the space so comfortable for doing daily activities. In this case, what you need to do is to decorate the rooms to make them look organized. Therefore, most spaces can be made efficient and effective. When things are organized, you will also find comfort. Well, there is nothing to worry about the cost since there are many DIY apartment decorating ideas on budget. When you want to have some ideas of furniture with affordable price, you can find the references below.

Custom Drawer Organizer for Better Storage

When you want to organize your stuffs, just start by looking at drawer. It can be full of stuffs and tools. As starting point, get the example of great custom drawer organizer. It does not look complicated, but the organizer really works well in organizing the tools. Actually, the organizers are made of wood pieces. There are also some designs which are made of thick paper. These are easy and affordable, so you can make it by yourself. It is really a good option of DIY apartment decorating ideas on budget.

DIY Sofa Table to Save the Space and Budget

After working on drawer organizers, it is time to see the references of table for sofas. In this case, you can see the tables located in the center of the room surrounded by sofas. This table is quite unique since it is made of the used box. Wooden box is turned into sofa table. Even, it has such a shelf to save some magazines. The table is painted in wooden color and it keeps the texture of wooden box. Therefore, it really shows the character of DIY sofa table.

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Then, between the sofas, there is also small table. Similar to the first table, it is a DIY stuff. It looks like handmade coffee table. The wood looks different in each part, so it must be a reclaimed wood. However, the table gets good furnish and coating. Even, the different woods used in some parts make it look unique.

Versatile Wooden Crate Storage for Apartment Decoration

Moving to other references of furniture, there is unique DIY item that’s made of wooden crate. First, there are wooden crate chairs. They are only furnished to get softer and tidier surface. Then, they get sponges to give comfort for everyone sitting on the chairs. The stuffs really look unique and simple.

Then, the other ideas regarding wooden crate storage are found as decoration. Some people may not think that wooden crates can become good decoration, but actually they look great on the room. Some of them are used as wall decoration. Besides being used as decorative stuffs, they also work as shelves. To complete it, just put pictures and other decorations on the wall. On corner area, there are also some crates structured to be simple decoration and storage. They really show multi-function feature as a part of DIY apartment decorating ideas on budget.

DIY Terrarium Spring Garden

How would you like to have a spring garden inside your apartment? I’m sure you like the idea. Unfortunately, indoor houseplants can be expensive and thus setting up a whole indoor garden is definitely out of the question. There is the affordable alternative, of course. It comes in a form of a small inexpensive terrarium spring garden. It looks real cute and can be the much needed remedy after you come home from work with tired eyes.

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Depending on how you want your terrarium spring garden look in the end, there are some materials you need to gather. Obviously, you will need a glass container, potting soil and small stones. Active charcoal can provide a bit of nutrients for the plants. And if your plants are only small cacti or other succulents, a bit is what you only need. Put together, this should cost less than ten bucks.

DIY Pallet Wall Art

Want a more rustic look in your budget apartment? Then, make your own pallet wall art. Pallet boards are inexpensive enough to get. With the little of creativity you have and plethora of ideas and tutorials in the internet, you can give your apartment the cheap rustic decoration you want. Don’t worry about not having the knack of woodworking in you. DIY pallet wall art can only be challenging if you want it to.

There are many simple and easy pallet wall arts to make. You can make a star shape with just a few old planks. You can make a simple textured backdrop from cheap pallets for a friendly “hello” sign. Heck, you can even just display that framed backdrop without anything on it. The various textures and colors of the wooden pallets are enough of an art themselves. You just have to put them together and let imagination guide you.