Fresh and Fun Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Kitchen

breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen featured

Well, breakfast is important moment in a day. What you have in breakfast and how you enjoy the dish will can give enough booster to make your day better. Therefore, it is great to have breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen. The nook can be small and simple spot to enjoy breakfast and prepare your day. The concept may be simple, but you will find that it gives more than a simple booster. Just make sure you have the proper breakfast nook idea to realize. As reference, you can adopt one of the styles at below sections.

Modern Minimalist Breakfast Nook

When you want to have a breakfast nook, it does not mean you have to spare or make new space at home. In these breakfast nook ideas, just simply use the available corner in your house. The design shows how the nook can be so simple. It usually uses the empty corner close to the windows. Then, the wall is decorated by printing the name of some philosophers. These are great to make the wall look artistic. Then, there is wooden furniture to complete the nook decoration.

Comfy Corner Breakfast Nook

Moreover, it is great to start a day and have morning with the awesome and bright colors. It is what the breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen shows. The nook has great gradation of red and orange that is bright and refreshing. The color really boosts the mood and gives great vibes for the breakfast nook. To make it complete, there are some frames that do not show photos, but funny pictures.

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To make the space more perfect for breakfast, it also has great dining furniture. It does not look like formal dining furniture. The table set has unique and attractive design as well. Moreover, the combination of table and chairs look simple yet comfortable. There are four chairs, so it can be good spot to have breakfast with some people.

Breakfast Nook with Custom-Made Style and DIY Furniture

The next idea of breakfast nook has the custom-made decoration. The style is great for you who want to have a touch of creativity for the area. The corner takes the space near window. That way, it will get good lighting in the early morning. In addition, the sunlight and view of outside living really make the nook perfect. The wall is simple since it does not have any special decoration or painting on the wall.

The interesting thing is about the furniture and ornaments. It is clearly seen that the furniture is actually DIY stuff. Small table and chair is made of reclaimed wood, and it is painted simply. Therefore, it still keeps the texture of woods. Furthermore, there are some vases with flowers around the table to live up the atmosphere. Well, the space may be narrow, but it actually offers ultimate comfort. Surely, these breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen can be your great references.