Awesome Bonus Room Design and Decor Ideas

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It is not uncommon for someone to acquire a bonus room in their new or remodeled property. Such room tends to not abide to regional building code. However, it can still be a fully functional area if given appropriate design. The room can be transformed into a new useful space in the house. You will be able to get various bonus room ideas from many sources. They will help you modifying a bare room into something that you actually need. Therefore, knowing what you currently need is important. Most of the time, the renovation does not require too many materials.

Bunk Beds for Bonus Room Decor

Is it possible to build a guest room if you only have a small nook in the house? This extra guest bedroom will prove that the task is possible. This small guest room has two bunk beds despite its limited space. The two beds form an L-shape against two wall sides. In the middle of the L shape, a staircase that enables access to tops bunks is arranged. The bed frames are made of sturdy hardwood material which blends seamlessly with the wall. This guest bedroom can easily fit four people inside. There is still enough room to move around.

Build a Home Office in Bonus Room

Among many bonus room ideas out there, home office is definitely on top of that list. This simple space will fit in any small unused room at home. The room is painted white, so it looks large and more open. There is a big window situated at the other side of room from the door. That window allows better air circulation and light to enter the office. Some greens are also added for freshness.

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In addition, a sofa is placed right beside the window. It provides comfortable seating, so you can relax and read books in that room. A work desk is situated about 2 feet away from that sofa. The desk holds computer and office supplies. An overheard cabinet is installed in the room. It stores homeowner’s book collection. A wall sconce with LED bulb supplies enough light for the entire office space. It is definitely a nice and quiet area.

Make Your Own Personal Library in Bonus Room

Oftentimes, bonus room is located in the awkward spot of the house. You can turn the room into a cozy personal library. In this idea, just create DIY bookshelf projects. Store bought bookshelf will not be able to fit in the room. The bookshelves in this space are made of scrap hardwoods in natural finish. Several shelving units are made to be as tall as the room. Therefore, they can accommodate many books at once.

There is a large window that’s placed strategically in the middle of a wall. It provides enough daylight, so you can read easily during daytime. Near the window, a classic armchair in velvet blue is arranged. It is angled, so the light can hit the book to improve ease of reading. There is a chest that doubles as book storage and table. Well, a home library is one of the greatest bonus room ideas you can try.