Wonderful Bohemian Kitchen Design and Decor Ideas

Bohemian Kitchen Ideas featured

The days of the carefree 70s were long gone, but the style is still here to this day. Recently, bohemian style is becoming a trend in homeowners. One of popular concepts is the bohemian kitchen. The color palettes and patterns are unique and give the room a fresh vintage look. On top of it, the vintage style can complement almost any kitchen appliances, so you can customize it in many different styles. Using bohemian style, your kitchen will be eye-catching without being over the top on decor. Plus, you could relive the glory days in 1970s.

Simple Bohemian Kitchen in Traditional Touch

If you wanted to design a new one or redesign your existing kitchen, starting simple is a perfect way to create a bohemian kitchen. The main color palette you need to apply is brown and cream, or white base with vintage pastel highlights. The base should be on the counters or floor, and the highlights can be on kitchen utensils, containers, and other small amenities. To add some traditional touch, use vintage styled utensils and containers. These things have a role in giving the kitchen a color palette theme. To keep the room from looking messy, don’t use too many different colors.

Colorful Bohemian Kitchen Decor

After you’ve started, you might be confused about how to bring out the highlights of your kitchen. Highlights must be done with proper color matching and mixing. Vintage decors usually have a unique hue that often looks cluttered if not put on properly. Certain colors can only be matched with another. Moreover, one tone that you know will stand out shouldn’t be covering the entire kitchen. That’s why you need to set a single theme.

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To bring the right highlights, plan the color palette first. The popular vintage palette is vintage blue, red and green. Items that you want to use to color the kitchen should be the simple but prominent items, such as plates, bowls, spoons, pots, glass, baskets, and jars. Using fruits and flowers to color is also a great choice, as it doesn’t stick out as much but give the space a coloration it needs.

Retro Rustic Boho Kitchen Theme

The sub-theme of Bohemian concept is the rustic decor. It has an element of 1970s vintage, but it is combined with dark rugged styling. Here, the base coloration is different, with many blacks and dark browns instead of bright bases. The highlights are often beige or brownish white, and don’t stand out. However, the point of a rustic theme is uniformity and creates a certain monotonous atmosphere, unlike the colorful traditional bohemian concept.

Since the atmosphere is affected by the styles the most, vintage items are important for a rustic bohemian kitchen. Colors should be put uniformly, with only certain colorful parts. For furniture, you must find the ones preferably made of metal or wood. Both material especially the aged ones have a natural rugged look. Flowers and fruits are still great additions to the decor as it can give a fresh color to the monotonous kitchen.

Just Mix, Don’t Match

You may react like “wait, what?” but it’s only the truth. In Bohemian design and decor, you just have to focus on mixing and not worry about matching what you fix. That’s exactly what you should do in your Bohemian kitchen. Old work arts, vintage pieces, patterned fabrics, fringes, indoor plants, colorful carpets; those are all very common in Boho style room. Mix them all as you like and do not think about whether one piece match the other.

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Boho style kitchen may not look as neat as the modern ones, but it has more warmth in it. You can find a relaxing and laidback feel that’s prominent in all the elements you include. The eclectic look that’s made up of various items can really bring out the brilliance in your kitchen. With Bohemian decor, your kitchen may be the conversational piece of your house.

Use a Striking Light Color Scheme

With Boho style, one cannot be timid of light color schemes. It is the core of this particular interior design. Colors like red, bright orange, yellow, emerald green are only a few among the many used in Bohemian rooms. And those colors are what you should use in your kitchen if you want to get that fun chic look of the 70s. Not everything has to be clad in dazzling tinges, though. Your kitchen furniture can use a bit of darker shades and textures, so you can get that calming look, too.

Bohemian room decor is also closely related with artistic look. Should your kitchen has its own gallery wall, then? I’d say, why not? If you can find a space in between your vintage kitchen cabinets and textured floating shelves, then do squeeze a lovely gallery of Bohemian wall arts. Your kitchen floor can also use some color combos. A mix of blue and red tiles guarantees that casual chic vibe everyone adores.